Is A Treadmill Good For Weightloss? Or Should You Pick Something Else?


Treadmills are one of the most popular cardio workouts not only because of its cardio vascular benefits but also because it is a great investment for anyone who wants to start their home gym or someone unable to go to their local gym due to the current state of the world.

Furthermore, the most interesting fact about treadmills worldwide is NASA’s floating treadmill used by astronauts to help them keep in shape in zero gravity conditions. I mean, this gives treadmills a great rapport in the fitness industry.

Treadmills have come a long way but they tend to have doubtful reviews due to users who tend not to have a treadmill workout regimen that is curtailed to their bodies and the weight loss exodus.

Thus, begs the question, is a treadmill, good for weight loss? This post aims at answering this question with a few reasons pertaining to weight loss and lifestyle choices. Thus giving probable answers to the question and hopefully inspiring you to invest in a treadmill for your weight loss exodus.

Here are the few reasons why a treadmill is a good investment for your journey through the land of weight loss:

  1. Highly intensive weight loss programs or training are great for burning high calories. If recommended with a highly intensive drill, having an intense workout session on the treadmill followed up by a long period of rest can help burn calories faster. This is if recommended by a professional trainer. Working this way with a treadmill burns a lot of calories faster.
  • It has a variety of predefined programs. It has a number of already defined programs that work to give users a variety of terrains and other bonus features such as:

The Cardiovascular program: it is designed to help stabilize your heart rate during your workout session.

The Fat Region Area: it is designed to help maintain your maximum heart rate such that it helps burn fat is specific designated in areas in your body. Alongside the maximum heart rate fact, a treadmill is able to help you burn fat in specific areas and keep you healthy as well. If recommended by a professional trainer.

The Alpine Pass: It imitates walking up and down a terrain by creating sharp uphill and downhill slopes to give users a much more intense workout.

Random Hill: This part of a treadmill software randomly imitates the speedy ascent of a slope and helps keep the momentum going.

 Interval Training: This gives users the option of choosing between a jog and a sprint. Moreover, it allows users to switch between the two modes at the touch of a button. This helps in giving the users a sense of control seeing as they are able to choose when they want a jog or a sprint during their workout session.

 The 5K Run: Just as it suggests, its like a marathon where users choose to run 5 wonderful kilometers.

 The Fitness Test: this is designed to monitor the users heart rate and other fitness required numbers that are essential is using a treadmill to its utmost efficiency. It is highly advised to take this test after every 3 months so as to redesign your treadmill workout regimen.

  • It is highly convenient. Apart from the more health sustaining reasons, a treadmill is a great investment for a home gym. Whether you are starting out or just need one gym equipment in the comfort of your home, it is one of the top-rated gym equipment due to its high calorie burn and additional features such as its fitness test. These results can be even better with the aid of a professional trainer to help your reach your full potential.
  • It is not inhibited by weather conditions or any other unfortunate events. Unlike running or jogging outside, using a treadmill is not inhibited by rough weather conditions such as snow or heavy rainfall. It is an indoor workout equipment that can be used all day everyday and for years to come, albeit it does not proper maintenance to keep it running. However, that is a great tradeoff considering the results it is capable of giving with the right guidance.
  • It can incorporate other cardio workouts with it. It is very possible to hold small weights as you walk on the treadmill. It helps build upper and lower body muscles. This can be done in intervals during your treadmill workout regimen. Moreover, it is advised not to use the arm rails during your workout. In order to imitate actual running or jogging activities it is recommended to swing your arms back and forth in order to achieve the desired weight loss result. The swinging back and forth of your arms is considered a small cardio workout session.
  • Having a treadmill increases the likelihood of achieving your weight loss goals unlike the more time it would take to do try and achieve these goals by going to the gym a couple of times a week. There are no time restrictions and you are able to workout at the leisure of your own home any time of the day. This is especially ideal for parents who want to workout during nap times. This is especially crucial during the current state of the world where gyms are closed and contact with strangers and other people is technically prohibited as a safety concern.
  • Owning a treadmill is a much better and cost-effective fitness program in comparison to having a membership to a gym where a monthly subscription is required. Despite the need for a professional trainer to help recommend a treadmill regimen, the long-term costs in comparison to a gym subscription is discerning. Having your own treadmill is convenient, cost-friendly and safe. It is unlikely that a stranger would have gotten into contact with it. A treadmill is a great investment both in the weight loss department as well as financially for the long run. It proves to be a worthy investment for a fitness lifestyle.
  • A lot of users have concerns that they take too much space and cannot be moved around the house due to the large mass of the treadmill. Fortunately, it is 2020 and gym equipment has advanced. No longer are we in the age of the Lean Routine and 60s stationary bikes. It is now possible to fold some brands of treadmills. So when searching for a good treadmill, this is a must have feature. It will help maintain your lifestyle as well as improve it by helping you lose weight.

These reasons aim at showing you how a treadmill can not only help in your weight loss journey but also help in improving parts of your lifestyle which play a huge part in how you lose weight.

One’s lifestyle should not be excluded as a measure to be acted upon especially when it comes to the topic of weight loss and its overall effects.


Treadmills are one of the most popular gym equipment for a reason. They are not only used by astronauts in space to keep them fit in zero gravity conditions. They are also known to improve cardiovascular health.

Treadmills are a great addition to any home gym alongside someone who has the patience and willpower to traverse through the trials encompassed in the weight loss journey.

Furthermore, treadmills come with amazing features to help imitate real life terrain so as to give diversity to the workout regimen. This makes it fun and engaging and possibly surprising, especially if you’re running the Random Hill program. That will take you through the wringer.

But either way, treadmills aim at giving the best possible results and losing weight is the best possible result. However, treadmills are a very technical fitness tool and like all other fitness tool they require a form of guidance.

It is recommended to consult a professional trainer in order to get some recommendations in order to get the full use of their treadmill. Professional trainers are able to fill the gap that is needed when using a treadmill. Treadmills require important numbers such as your maximum heart rate and with those numbers, the trainer is able to calibrate and provide a regimen to help you lose weight.

The post showcases how treadmills are useful because of their indoor nature. They are built to be used throughout the year, through wind and snow, rain or sunshine. They are built for convenience away from the elements. This makes it so that your weight loss exodus permeates throughout the year.

Moreover, treadmills have shown to be cost effective and this is a bonus to your lifestyle since it allows you to save money and prevail from gym memberships. In the long run, treadmills are the true winners here and they aim to please.

Lastly, due to recent advancements, treadmills can now be folded, making them easy to store and use as one pleases regardless of their lifestyle.

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