How To Lose Weight On A Treadmill Effectively? Find Out Here!

According to exercise professionals, treadmills rank at the top as one of the best equipment for home gyms. Considering the current state of the world, exercise is not to be easily discarded, it will be hard but weight loss is possible to achieve despite the closure of gyms.

This article aims at assisting you on how you can burn some fat on a treadmill and stay a mean, lean fighting machine for the 2021 summer. You have to start eventually.

First off, lets look at the factors that help determine how exactly you can lose weight on a treadmill.


  1. Cardiovascular health and weight.

The estimated speed at which your heart beats and the estimated region at which your fat burns are two correlating factors. Hence, you should ensure that the time at which your heart rate is at a specific speed, is at the same area at which you want to burn the fat in your body.

This sounds tricky but it makes sense. It should be noted that your fat region is 70 percent of your heart rate.

This can be calculated at the comfort of your home as well as consulting a doctor or trainer would be advisable in order to achieve optimum results.

Moreover, some treadmills allow you to compute this estimate which is very handy and gives more value for your money.

The calculation may seem a bit of a return to the education system, however, this is the best way to achieve the best results with a treadmill. To ensure proper, efficient and healthy loss of weight, this a major factor to consider as well as calculate correctly.

Please note that having a check-up can help you know your current cardiovascular health and weight and this will ensure that you are able to make the right calculations for an effective treadmill workout.

  • The velocity setting of the treadmill

This is essentially the speed at which you run or walk or any other activity setting on the treadmill. This is an important factor because it also determines your heart rate. The faster or slower you run, the faster or more average the state of your heart rate will be.

Moreover, speed and time are two correlating factors that are efficient in a treadmill weight loss regimen. It is advised to run at a high velocity for a short period of time. This is known as a high-intensity training and is known to give efficient results with a treadmill.

The velocity changes with the activity whether its walking or running. It should be noted that consistency and other exercise and health regimens are key for optimum results.

  • On the machine, the pressure level or resistance selected

Adding a form of resistance or intensity to the workout is a sure-fire way of making your treadmill workout a high calorie burn. Resistance bands are known to increase the heart rate and burn calories much faster making this a highly intense workout.

Knowing the limits your body can take with these resistance and intensity levels is ideal in ensuring that you avoid injuries as well as lose the desired weight in the right places. Its healthy and efficient.

  • The arm handles of doom

Using the arm handles destroys the perfect posture one tries to maintain when using a treadmill. Moreover, treadmills try to mimic the act of running. Running unfortunately does not involve arm handles.

Professionals advise to refrain from using the arm handles as it does not help for posture as well as weight loss. However, it is your treadmill, so try to use them as sparingly as possible.

Summer 2021 is knocking on your door and it’s looking at you. But that’s besides the point, the point is, this is a factor to consider because it directly affects the exodus of your weight loss.

And this exodus needs consistency, efficiency and a lot of up and down arm 90-degree gear-like movements while running or walking.

  • The amount of time your workout takes.

This is a factor because of how much time and willingness you want to out it for your general health and not just Summer of 2021.

Moreover, how much time you put in, whether a short amount or a long amount will determine how much weight you lose and where exactly you lose it.

As shared in the first factor of careful consideration, whether you workout for a short period of time of a long period of time, there will be results.

So long as there is careful, healthy and consistent decisions on your workout, weight loss is possible.


Now for the bread and butter of this post. The factors had hinted a bit on how you can lose weight, now its time for the actual tea.

You can lose weight through a treadmill through the following suggestions. Its best to pick what exactly works for you and work hard at it because losing weight is a tedious yet rewarding affair.

Regardless, here are some suggestions:

1.     The Book of Intensity Drills

There are 3 types of intensity drills or training, whichever suits your fancy:

  1. High Intensity
  2. Moderate Intensity
  3. Vigorous Intensity

High intensity involves exercises that are highly intensive and then you rest. In a nutshell, one works super hard for short periods of time and then they rest. This is possible with a lot of discipline and training.

It is also advised to do other movement type activities such as walking or jogging to keep the momentum going.

Furthermore, the times at which you rest should be longer than your workout sessions. This may come across as a hoax or a get out of jail free card but it is effective, as stated, with the right amount of discipline.

The moderate intensity involves the same thing with well, moderation, this could be walking at an average pace on the treadmill.

In fact, you can even mix and match both of these drills in the course of your day or your workout session for a more diverse experience.

2.      The Fat Burning Regions

This is important in that your main aim is to lose weight. Knowing the exact fat regions you want to trim down (the treadmill way), correlates to your heart rate and your cardiovascular health matters.

By knowing the fastest speed at which your heart beats, you are able to calculate your maximum heart rate. This done by taking the highest number of heartbeats your heart makes during a minute of your workout minus your age.

Then multiply 70 percent of this number. This is because the fat regions are generally worth 70 percent of your maximum cardiac frequency. This way you are able to know how much time to put in to your workout sessions and where exactly this exercising is going to lose weight.

It should be noted that 70 percent is a general number, everyone is different and each person has their own fat region percentage. This is why a trainer is needed in order to help calculate this and recommend a regimen that will help you lose weight.

It is recommended that you visit a trainer to learn more on this and how you can get even more efficient with your treadmill workout and lose the weight.

3.     Schedule your treadmill workout sessions

It is advised to have weekly scheduled workout sessions with your treadmill. If you are a beginner, start off with some moderate drills and work your way to the more vigorous ones.

Create a schedule for each of your workouts and keep them diverse by adding hills, jogging or better yet sprinting.

This should keep your workout fun and help you lose weight efficiently and still staying healthy.


Treadmills are one of the modern gym equipment that can be installed in the comfort of your home. However, they have a very technical way in order to be able to achieve the results intended. This post aimed at showcasing a few ways that can help in losing weight through a treadmill.

It is heavily emphasized that a trainer is needed in order to suggest the required workouts that, if followed correctly, will give wonderful results and showcase that a treadmill is a great investment towards your fitness.

In order to lose weight with a treadmill, you need a couple of very important numbers that are inclined to one’s body as well as a working regimen that suits your lifestyle.

The drills or rather intensity trainings mentioned in the post are for those with a mindset willing and disciplined to lose weight. It is very possible to lose weight with these methods if these two things are in play.

Furthermore, balance should be maintained within the workout sessions. Simply running or walking or jogging on the treadmill for long periods of time will not help you lose the weight you wish to achieve.

Kindly have a plan of action and work towards it alongside your treadmill.

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