How To Lose Weight On A Treadmill In A Month - A Game Plan!


Summer 2021 never looked so close yet so far. Kidding. Time is always a Debby downer in most plans, however with some dedication ad hard work it is possible to lose some amount of weight in a month, with your trusty sidekick: the treadmill.

Because of the current state of time, everyone in the world is being forced to stay at home as a safety precaution. Because of this exercise may have been put on hold.

But fear not, this post aims at offering you ways you can lose weight on a treadmill in simply 30-31 days. Of course, this is entirely dependent on you and it is recommended that you visit a professional trainer in order to learn, understand and create your own treadmill fitness regimen.

Let us begin, with the first workout regimen.

  1. The Moderate Intensity Drill

As the title states, it is a training program alongside the treadmill, however, everything is done in moderation. The work load is split across the days of your chosen month. On the first day, it is recommended to start with a walk because walking is a great form of exercise. Create and understand your walking speed. The next day is fit with increasing the speed of your walk. The third day would be a much-needed sprint to get the momentum going. Finally, on the fourth day, you rest. The four steps should be iterated in the course of a month. This should help you lose weight in a month. It is a moderate plan that is assured to give good results.

  • Get the Basics right

Using a treadmill is a technical and physical activity. It requires you to get the numbers right and by numbers, it refers to the maximum heart rate. This is one of the most important values to know and understand because it will help you get the desired result. Thus, the need for a professional trainer. A professional trainer will help you with this and other value as well as assign or recommend to you a treadmill workout program suitable for you. Fortunately, there are calculators that you can use in order to calculate this value and it can be computed in the comfort of your home.

  • Integrate it with other workout regimens.

Losing a specific amount of weight in a month is no easy task. It takes a lot of effort to shred off weight in the first place. However, if you are able to consistently integrate other exercises with your treadmill workout, it is very possible to achieve your desired goal. For example, if while walking, you could have weights that are around half a kilogram or one pound. Moreover, you could integrate yoga into your post workout to help relax your muscles after a fabulous run.

  • Combining two plans to make one really big success plan.

The two aspects that correlate in order to give is: exercising and life style. If you are able to create a meal plan and a corresponding exercise plan that involves your treadmill, it is quite possible to lose weight in a month. Having a treadmill saves costs especially in terms of gym memberships. If you can, use that money for your meal plan and remember to cut down on calorie intake in order to burn more calorie. In summary: have a healthy diet.

  • Consistency is Key here

As long as you are able to maintain the regimen and workout consistently as well as watching the number of calories you are consuming it is very possible to lose a pound a week. Treadmills are known to burn calories faster because running and walking are exercises that are known to burn calories faster. If you are consistent throughout the month, you are able to achieve amazing results as well as stay healthy if you have a workout regimen and a diet curtailed to help you lose shape while also keeping you healthy. This is to reduce cases whereby one thinks as though the program isn’t working for them when in reality, they are not using it to its fullest potential. When those factors are met alongside consistency, it is very likely that they will be able to lose weight in a month.

 Losing weight in a month is very possible with a treadmill, there are actual success stories about it. However, the stories did not come without their fair share of hard work, determination, knowing your numbers, balancing of calorie intake and burn rate etc.

In order to lose weight on a treadmill in a month, you must be able to have discipline and do what is required of you however, not at the cost of your health. Your health matters.


This post has tried to showcase how you can lose weight in a series of correlated points. Buy having a moderate workout drill you can lose weight in a month. Although, this workout has to be followed to the latter. It involves 3 days of workout followed by one day of rest.

This should be put on repeat like every good Green Day song for 31 days. Moreover, the workouts should be done in short periods of time, to allow you to burn calories faster as well as let your body rest.

Moreover, it is detrimental that you should watch your calorie intake. It should balance with the amount of fat you are burning during your exercise. A professional trainer will help in highlighting how much work you need to put in, in order to attain your goal of losing weight in a month.

With a treadmill, it is possible to lose weight within a month and to add to this regimen other cardio workouts such as yoga is a fun bonus. It will help relax your muscles and help with your mental state seeing as losing weight is not only a physical task but a mental task as well.

Finally, losing weight is all about your ability to be consistent with all these things and rest assured you will have lost weight in a month.  

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