Best Milk Frothers - Reviews 2019 - 2020

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Top 3 Milk Frothers

Dualit Review - Our Number 1

Dualit Milk Frother ReviewClassy looks, excellent capacity and a milk heating function, in addition to its frothing capabilities, make The Dualit Frother a fabulous purchase for a real coffee lover. A non-stick coating stops the irritation of burnt milk collecting at the base of the jug and the end product is velvety smooth.

  • One touch operates triple functions for user efficiency
  • The triple functions on this machine heat your milk too allowing hot milk and hot/cold froth
  • A sealed drive and non-stick coating making clean up simple and prolong the frother’s life
  • Rubber feet allow for kitchen to table transfer
  • Automatically switches off when it hits the perfect temperature so reassuringly safe
  • Removable whisk for ease of cleaning and pouring
  • Cordless operation gives great flexibility when counter space or socket access is limited
  • The 2 milk drink capacity means no one need fight over who gets the first cappuccino!

The Dualit milk frother really is a coffee connoisseur's dream gadget. Sitting at the higher priced end of mid range models this matte black beauty shares many attributes with the audaciously expensive models at the top, making it a fairly sensible investment if justified by everyday use.


Features: 2 drink capacity - Non-stick coating - Sylish looks - Easy clean - Triple function

Pricing: Mid range



Andrew James Review - Number 2

Andrew James ReviewWith its smart yet modest looks and compact design, the Andrew James electric milk frother is a deceptively powerful machine. Within two minutes perfect froth or scalding milk can be yours.

  • Removable frothing attachment to allow milk warming too
  • A generous 300ml capacity makes milky drinks for two a breeze
  • Pre-set functions make this a user-friendly option
  • The non-stick coating protects against burning and allows an easy clean
  • The 450 watt motor is quietly effective
  • A beep alerts users to the start and finish of the cycle

Protected by an automatic two year warranty, this milk frother is a good all rounder ideal for family use by virtue of its milk heating function but equally suited to frothing your daily cappuccino fix.


Features: 2 year warranty - 450 watt motor - 300ml capacity - User alert - Pre-set functions

Pricing: Affordable



VonShef Premium Review - Number 3

VonShef Premium ReviewLashings of hot frothy milk will be delivered in seconds to the lucky owner of a VonShef Premium milk frother. With two attachments - a wire accessory for frothing and a plastic vessel for heating - quick action and a cordless power supply this super efficient machine is a delight.

  • A stylish stainless steel design you’ll be happy to display
  • Cordless for maximum flexibility
  • 240ml heating capacity/115ml frothing capacity for true dual purpose use
  • An indicator light alerts when milk is ready
  • The heat resistant lid and handle make this a safe family option
  • Double wall stainless steel housing keeps milk hotter for longer
  • A non-stick coating allows easy cleaning
  • Quicker quieter frothing make this a less intrusive choice

Silicone feet, a heat resistant lid and handle, and automatic switch-off function make this a reassuring choice for a family home. While good looks and speedy action reassure that efficient need no longer equate to dull!


Features: Quick heating - Non-stick - Stainless steel - Indicator light - Cordless

Pricing: Affordable




Anyone seriously considering buying an automatic milk frother for their own home use is clearly particular about their coffee. Though all three of the options we’ve considered today have their attributes (and each its individual advantages over another depending on the order you prioritise style, safety, speed or ease of use) the VonShef Premium is our cappuccino champion on this occasion. Great design and fast functionality combine with its dual functions and excellent price to make it the machine we would most highly recommend.



How quickly many of us have fallen into the role of coffee connoisseur. It wasn’t so long ago that the humble high street cafe was the best place to grab a caffeine fix on the move. Real coffee was a post dinner treat in restaurants fancy enough to present you a chocolate mint on a doily to soften the blow of the bill. Something the cast of Friends drank from oversized cups as they gossiped on sofas, flicking their iconic hair. Or an affectation of the well travelled: once you’ve had genuine Italian coffee it is unthinkable to go back, darling!

These days we’re all fluent in barista burble. Even if we’re not very keen on the bean. And fortunately quality coffee has never been more accessible or abundant. With a plethora of machines on the market to dispense it in the comfort of our own homes, we need never be more than a room or two away from a proper cup of coffee. The milk issue is a little more tricky…

Unless you are blessed with a full blown professional coffee machine in your kitchen, you will not have access to the wizardry of the steam wand: that magical device which conjures silky froth from milk and air. But all is not lost. Whether your froth budget will only eke to a manual handheld or stretch to an automatic jug which will do everything but pour itself, a cloudy dairy crown can be atop your homemade coffee with a simple click on the purchase bar.

Today it is automatic milk frothers we turn our attention to and, if you are able to fund that reach, it is probably the better domestic option. An automatic milk frother, as you might expect, does all the work for you. Pour in your milk (or milk alternative) push a button or two and leave it to make milky magic. In moments you’ll have that cloud topping your cup. Though, unfortunately, the lack of barista means you’ll be left with a jug to wash up!

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