Best Inflatable Hot Tubs - Reviews - 2019 - 2020

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Top 3 Inflatable Hot Tubs

Prolonged bathing in deep hot water baths is a social. medical and cultural tradition harking back to the days of the Roman Empire. Latterly we tend towards treating our contemporary equivalent - the hot tub - as something more of an indulgence. An object to wallow in at a spa between treatments or a place to sit and sip lurid cocktails on a summer evening. Yet these modern day ‘hot water baths’ provide many of the same health benefits our ancestors attributed to them all those centuries ago.

We are living in stressful times. Overworked, underpaid, juggling to make ends meet and feeling there are simply not enough hours in the day. Stress manifests in a series of physical, as well as emotional, symptoms: headaches, muscle tension and fatigue. While feelings of depression and bouts of insomnia can manifest from a worried and distracted mind. Soaking in a hot tub stimulates natural endorphin release triggering a completely natural relaxation response and increasing both positivity and blood flow.

For those recovering from injury, battling the symptoms of arthritis, or suffering ongoing back or joint pain, a hot tub’s buoyancy and warmth together with the gentle massaging action of the water can be of great use. That buoyancy, from the depth of water, supporting the body, lessening joint stress and allowing freer range of movement. One thing people who live with chronic pain will understand is the huge benefit of sleep for recovery. And how hard a good night's sleep can be to achieve. Studies have shown that a soak in 102 degree water, a few hours prior to bedtime, can reset the body’s thermostat as it relaxes you. Making that elusive rest a more realistic proposition.

So far so good...but realistically not everyone who could benefit from owning a hot tub will actually possesses the budget, or the floor space, to accommodate one. But all is not lost. Innovations in moveable hot tub options may prove just the solution potential users have been seeking. Inflatable hot tubs are no longer simply glorified paddling pools, they are a viable alternative to fixed tubs with many of the same health and lifestyle attributes. A good way to bring the luxury of a home spa bath to your home at an affordable price point.

Here are 3 of our favourite examples on the market right now:

Lay-Z-Spa Vegas Inflatable Review - Our Number 1

Lay-Z-Spa VegasFrom the mosaic print interior floor to the reassuringly sturdy quad horizontal ring construction, the Lay-Z-Spa Vegas reassures that a low budget spa bath option need not look or feel cheap. Its easy use digital control panel presides over up to 40 degrees of relaxing heat, and 87 rejuvenating air jets, while the leatheroid finish is a luxe touch commensurate with the luxury experience.

  • 87 therapeutic air jets ensure users enjoy the full hot tub experience in this inflatable tub
  • Spa heats up to 40 degrees C for optimum relaxation and comfort
  • An automatic start/stop timer and heating system keep water temperature regulated
  • Comfortably fits 4-6 people, making this an excellent family or party option
  • Filter cartridges, chemical floater, set up DVD, leatheroid cover and 2 lid options included
  • 10 minute set up takes all the stress out of storing or relocating the hot tub
  • A bubble mat floor protector and quad ring system support and safeguard the spa
  • Double lock safety clips to the lid ensure this hot tub will be safe for a family garden

With a water filtration system to keep the tub clear, two filter cartridges and a filter housing unit, the Lay-Z-Spa Vegas has everything you need to get started on that life (or daily half hour) of luxury you so richly deserve! And an included set up/maintenance DVD further takes the stress out of the purchase for first time owners. This is an excellent example of a well designed temporary tub with the potential for long term use.


Features: 4-6 person capacity - Jet massage - Heats to 40C - Free set up DVD - Auto timer

Pricing: Mid range



Lay-Z-Spa Miami Inflatable Review - Number 2

Lay-Z-Spa MiamiWith sturdy construction from 48 vertical I-Beam and rayon coated walls, this is another temporary hot tub which feels anything but. Mirroring the mosaic interior and encircling air jets but with a reduced footprint and price tag this is a very nice entry level tub for a couple or for users with limited space. A comprehensive set and and maintenance DVD is provided, in addition to access to a free UK support team, but an uncomplicated 10 minute setup time promises potential problems to be few and far between. An inflatable locking lid will keep the spa safe, the water warm and debris free.

  • 81 all-surrounding air jets maximise therapeutic value of the spa bath to users
  • Spa heats up to 40 degrees C for optimum relaxation and comfort
  • The soft touch digital control panel is simple to use and clear to read
  • A manual and timer controlled heating system keeps water temperature regulated
  • Comfortably fits 2-4 people, making this a fine choice as a first hot tub
  • A chemical floater, 2 filter cartridges and the setup DVD are included to get you started

The Lay-Z-Spa Miami is a classic inflatable hot tub. Easily set up, easily moved, simple to maintain and foolproof to operate. It perhaps lacks the aesthetic jazz hands of its pricier peer, the Vegas, but the strong construction and clean utilitarian appearance will make it just as appealing to those with simpler tastes. And the Lay-Z-Spa Miami retains those all-important relaxing, health-giving, lifestyle enhancing benefits once you sink beneath the water and let the jets work their magic.


Features: 2-4 person capacity - Air jet massage - 40C max heat - Digital control panel

Pricing: Affordable



Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs Review - Number 3

Lay-Z-Spa PalmOur final option is also from Lay-Z-Spa and this time they have really pushed the boat out. From the elegant appearance (a word one would not immediately associate with inflatable hot tubs) through the smart integration of technology to the decadent user experience, this is a real grown ups’ product with a very high end finish. The digital control panel allows easy operation of the temperature control and the Lay-Z-Spa massage air jet system. And that air jet system is another thing to have taken a step up. Leaping from the 80-something jets of our first two options to a stimulating 120 jets here. Additional depth further enhances that high end feel without impacting the price tag too drastically.

  • 120 soothing air jets ensure users to relax and rejuvenate in style
  • Spa heats up to 40 degrees C for optimum relaxation and comfort
  • An automatic start/stop timer and heating system keep water temperature regulated
  • Comfortably fits 4-6 people, making this another excellent family or party option
  • Lay-Z-Spa’s water filtration system keeps user’s spa bath experience safe and hygienic
  • Filter cartridges, chemical floater, bubble mat floor protector set up DVD included
  • Leatheroid cover, inflatable lid and double lock safety clips also come with purchase
  • 10 minute set up takes all the stress out of storage and allows flexibility in relocating
  • A bubble mat floor protector and TriTech 3 ply walls resist punctures and ensure longevity
  • Higher walls to this spa bath allow 100 litres more water capacity for an indulgent soak

Sharing the same water filtration system to grant peace of mind across the Lay-Z-Spa range and the same setup/maintenance DVD and ongoing support, the Palm Springs model has all the basics covered. Plus that market proven brand name. Then it kicks things up a notch. The finish is classy, the safety features reassuring and the additional jets and depth a valuable upgrade.


Features: 4-6 person capacity - Jet massage - Heats to 40C - Free set up DVD - Auto timer

Pricing: Mid range




If you are going to pamper yourself it would seem churlish not to do it in style. We heartily commend the Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs Hot Tub as the number one spa bath option. From its additional jets to its additional depth this is high end indulgence at a surprisingly affordable price point.

The sandy beige colouring is neutral enough to fit into any garden setting and the clever TriTech technology reinforcing the 3 ply walls makes them strong enough to safely sit on. An unexpected bonus for an inflatable and portable tub. With the same speedy 10 minute setup as its competitors this quality spa bath presents exceptional value for money and a good number of the attributes of a fixed tub at a fraction of the cost.

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