Best Home Cross Trainers - Reviews 2019 - 2020

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Have you ever heard the phrase, necessity is the mother of invention? Well, this statement is a true depiction of how cross-trainers came to be. In 1990, a company by the name Precor realized that the consumers needed a workout machine that combines both the advantages of a static exercise bike and a conventional treadmill.

After much thought, research and time- they came up with cross-trainers five years later. They are great for delivering low impact exercises on the legs and upper body.

Some even got a feature that slightly bends your torso during workouts in order to help you increase core strength by burning calories at a faster rate. So if your fitness goals include improving your cardiovascular health, a cross trainer is a great place to start.

Since the inception of the first cross-trainer in the mid-1990s, many brands have developed their own variation of the product. To help you choose what will work perfectly for you, I have taken the liberty to combine a list of some of the best Cross trainers in the market.

My list was compiled in regards to the features, build, value for money and functionality.

Our top pick for best cross trainers- (2020 update)

1. Sportstech Premium Cross Trainer for Home Use-editor's choice

Sportstech has been steadily growing to a point some gym enthusiasts rank it as the best home fitness brand in Germany (and it's easy to see why). The Sportstech cross trainer combines technology, functionality, and design so effortlessly, that you cannot help but fall in love.


This beauty is fitted with a 7-inch display to keep you updated during the workouts, the display keeps track of your; speed, time, distance, calories, heart rate, to constant performance and resistance. This is made possible by its 6 sensory modes among which is the legendary HRC.

So as you do not get bored during your workout, this device comes with a Mp3 function that lets you play your music. As if that not enough, you also get a USB connection (32 GB memory), speaker and headphone connector. Great, right?

To get you started on your workouts, this cross trainer machine comes fitted with up to 12 workout programs. You can access this service thanks to its app-compatible media console that can support the KINOMAP and sports-tech main apps among others.


Alternatively, you could opt to use the tablet holder provided and access your own workout programs from the internet or just catch up with the latest news to keep you motivated. Thanks to the fact that it is fitted with a 32 step magnetic brake system, this exercise bike is as quiet as they come.

Perfect for anyone under 120 kilos as it has a massive flywheel that weighs 24 kilos. Meaning it can offer as much magnetic resistance as a professional would need as it offers optimized synchronization without losing any power.


Additionally, it comes with a very high quality 3- part crank system that is mounted with double bearings to give you as much stability as possible. For a more strenuous workout session, you have the option of three adjustable stride lengths to choose from- the sizes vary from 420mm, 460mm, and 500m.


Pros of the product

  • Comes fitted with transportation rollers for ease of maneuverability.
  • Very easy to assemble and comes with all the tools you will need.
  • Emmitt's little to no noise making it ideal for home use even if you live in an apartment complex.
  • Comes with a 24 kilos flywheel that is designed to sustain a lot of levels of resistance
  • This cross trainer is shipped with a strap that is meant to help you keep track of your heart rate.


Cons of the product

  • Despite being of very good quality, it is still too pricey compared to the average prices for similar items
  • The company only offers curbside delivery and their customer service is generally very poor


2. JLL CT600 PRO Elliptical Cross Trainer

JLL has since made a name for itself in the gym equipment industry thanks to the fact that their products give you total functionality without needing you to break the bank. The JLL CT300 pro elliptical cross trainer is arguably one of the best mid-range cross trainer machines currently available in the market.


On the front, you will find a stylish yet highly functional LCD display that shows you the Time, Speed, Distance, Pulse, Calories, RPM, Temperature, Pulse Recovery, and Body Fat. This helps you easily set and track your fitness goals for almost a year as you can save your past sessions.

Thanks to its high-tech advanced electromagnetic feature, You can choose whatever level of resistance from the 32 increments available. this gives you leeway to start from the bottom and gradually increase your fitness goals without putting too much strain on your body.


Since our generation thrives on technology, this cross trainer exercise bike is compatible with the I console app and kinomap app. The apps allow you access to various workout programs whilst also help you keep a clearer track of your fitness journey.

The best part is, you can link up with friends on the same app and have fitness competitions or just be each other's, accountability partners. Keeping in mind most modern homes are probably strapped for space, this cross trainer machine can easily be moved from room to room thanks to its rear-drive wheels- all you have to do it tilt the machine, and off you go.


As it is with all JLL products, this one comes with a 12-year unconditional warranty on any manufacturing problems. So long as you are under the required weight and have been using the cross trainer machine for home use.

Each handlebar is fitted with a heart rate sensor plate so you can constantly monitor your heart rate. Over time, you can change your heart rate goals if at all you are aiming for a faster weight loss.


Its body is made with stainless steel that is sturdy yet lightweight and is designed to last you aa lifetime. In order to protect the cross trainer machine from succumbing to adverse weather conditions like humidity, the frame e is totally covered with antu peel paint that ensures the body is amply protected for years to come.


Pros of the product.

  • This cross trainer comes with a whopping 9 function monitor that is very comprehensive for keeping up with your workouts
  • The JLL elliptical trainer is designed with 32 increments to choose from in terms of the level of resistance. this is more than most of its counterparts.
  • If you hate looking at the calories burned, you will be glad this elliptical trainer comes with a tablet or phone holder to otherwise entertain you during your session
  • For the quality you are getting, this best cross trainer comes at a fair price and gives you total value for your money


Cons of the product

  • Most of its features are not as advanced as the more modern releases hence you get to miss out on a lot
  • It tends to be very uncomfortable for people over 6ft hence doesn't suit the needs of the majority of consumers


3. Nordic Track Unisex's SE3i Elliptical Cross Trainer

One of the reasons why this Nordic SE31 is one of the best home cross-trainers has to be its state of the art design. Built to fit right in with your contemporary decor and is compact enough to not take up space if yours is an already crowded home.

This elliptical trainer boosts an inertia enhanced flywheel that weighs an impressive 14 kilos. This makes it perfect for intense cardiovascular exercises without compromising on the smooth feel that sets apart most mid-range elliptical trainers.


Depending on the intensity of the workout you are looking for, you can choose any one of the 22 digital levels of silent magnetic resistance. The levels can be effortlessly switched on the easy to read 5''i FIT display making this cross trainer machine perfect for people of all age groups technology considered.

As the name suggests, the iFIT display grants you access to the iFit cardio app so long as you have a compatible tablet. On the app, you will get to enjoy more than 32 pre-set workout programs that can be tweaked to your preference by just setting the difficulty settings on the machine itself.

However, you should note that the app requires you to pay a subscription fee after the initial two months of free trial.

Besides the app, you get to track down your progress in real-time thanks to its 9 function console that shows the following- Calories, Distance, Pulse, Resistance, RPM, Speed, Time, Watts, Scan mode, and Priority Mode.

Apart from the integrated pivoting tablet holder that allows you to catch up on your favorite shows or emails as you work out, you also get an iPod Compatible music port and dual 2-inch speakers that can be controlled via Bluetooth. So rest assured, your workouts are never going to be boring again.

Additionally, you have the liberty to change the angle of the adjustable cushion pedals so as to challenge the leg muscles for a more strenuous workout session. Lastly, the stride length can be easily adjusted depending on the height of whoever is using the machine.

Pros of the product

  • The stride length is adjustable to suit the need of users of a variety of heights
  • Thanks to the fact that it comes with EKG Grip Pulse sensors, you get to enjoy a more accurate heart rate figure
  • Unlike most elliptical cross trainer machine, this one comes with additional features like; water bottle holder, workout arms with upper body grip , oversized lever and a chest belt for your heart rate.
  • Comes with a lot of pre set workout programmes that not only covers upper body but also full body workouts.
  • For a mid range product, this elliptical cross trainer is reasonably priced.

Cons of the product

  • Despite having wheels, these elliptical cross trainers machines are quite heavy hence poses a challenge when you want to move it around.
  • Only has 22 magnetic resistance levels to choose from.


4. Sportstech Cross Trainer CX625

As one of the best German manufacturers of home gym equipment, sports tech hardly ever disappoints and they do not start with this masterpiece. Perfect for someone who is looking for the sports tech quality of equipment but is not willing to pay the exorbitant amount that comes with their best sellers.


The CX65 is great for beginners as it is designed to offer comprehensive workouts without causing a strain on your joints. So if your fitness goals include improving endurance, posture, muscle coordination, and strengthening, then this is one of the best elliptical cross trainers to consider.

Thanks to the fact that it comes with 22 pre-installed workout programs, you can easily design your home low impact workouts and then work you way up. Did I mention that you also get to enjoy the new technological HRC feature that allows you to train just like a professional?


One of the reasons this machine is among the best cross trainer has to be the fact that it is equipped with the Kinomap and sports tech app that allows you to join in on the next-generation training. The console is app integrated and has a tablet holder that eliminates the risk of boredom during workouts.


To make the offer more irresistable, this home cross trainer is shipped with a heart rate belt that you can use intune with the 5 pre installed HRC programmes for a more precise work out as it adds a little to the level of resistance to the bike as a whole. Also, you do not have to pause your workout for refreshment as it comes fitted with a bottle holder.

With dimensions of 1410 x 650 x 1650 mm, this cross trainer can comfortably fit anywhere in your house without it having to cause a nuisance in terms of space. Finally, this machine is best suited to anyone below 120 kilos.


Pros of the product

  • If you do not like to keep looking at the calories burned, you will be glad for the tablet holder and integrated Bluetooth speakers in this cross trainer
  • These elliptical trainers have a reasonable price when compared to other devices with the same resistance levels
  • You can easily adjust the stride length on this cross trainer depending on the intensity you intend to achieve
  • Comes with a 2 in 1 speaker that can also be connected via Bluetooth.
  • Has a whopping 16 levels of resistance levels to choose from


Cons of the product

  • It is quite heavy to move from one room to another
  • It is not really designed for low impact workout as stated because it is more suited to professionals


5. JLL® CT200 Home Cross Trainer

Fitness equipment tends to be very expensive especially if you are going for top end features. However, the market has since diversified to try and fit the needs and budgets of a variety of consumers hence why nowadays, it's easy to find quality products at an affordable price- the JLL C200 being one of them.


This cross trainer is craftily designed to be as functional as its more expensive counterparts to the point where a beginner to the fitness world would not really know the difference. Starting from the catchy build, to the magnetic resistance, to the adjustable stride- there is little not to love about this masterpiece.

First off, it is compact enough to fit anywhere in your house without causing you the hustle of rearranging as its dimensions stand at 106.5 x 55.5 x 37 cm. However, it is also equipped with wheels on the rear-drive that allow you to easily cart the 30-kilo cross trainer machine anywhere without causing a strain on your arms- this makes it a perfect addition to a home with elderly or children.


This cross trainer's best bargaining chip has to be that it comes with a two-way five-kilo flywheel. Although it will not be able to offer smooth magnetic resistance like the more expensive versions, it will still work just as well for someone who was looking for a beginner's machine or is recovering from an injury.

Speaking of magnetic resistance , this one has 8 resistance levels to choose from. However, you can choose to go for the same version of the machine which has 16 levels. Obviously, this will cost you a little more than the latter.


Like all the best cross trainer machine featured in this article, it comes with a backlit screen that ensures you can track your workout with as much precision as possible. As for this cross trainer, it shows you the; Time, Speed, Distance, Pulse, Calories & Odometer.

Though not much, it is more than enough to keep track of the important aspects of a workout routine.


You get to choose whether to use the dual-action handlebars or the stationery handrails. The difference is that with the dual-action handlebars, you will get to exercise your arms too full potential, and with the stationery handrails, you can use the heart rate monitor feature as it is fitted with a monitor.


Pros of the machine

  • For a machine of its price, it is very impressive that the stride length can be adjusted to suit the different heights of consumers
  • The customer service at JLL is very prompt to answer and attend to any complaints you may have
  • This cross trainer comes with a 7 monitor function which is better than most of its competition in the same price range.
  • Has enough levels of resistance for someone who is just beginning their fitness journey
  • Its rear drive is fitted with tires to make maneuverability easy
  • Like most best cross trainers, this one is compact enough to fit anywhere in your home


Cons of the machine

  • It arrives in individual pieces and the manual is not very clear so it poses a challenge for amateurs to assemble
  • The build of the parts doesn't seem very sturdy hence the longevity of the whole cross trainer is questionable
  • The pedals are a bit faulty so it is a bit of a challenge to operate the flywheel
  • Does not have a reasonable range to choose from when it comes to resistance levels.


How do I know which cross trainer best suits me?

As you already know, cross trainers do not come cheap, you need to know exactly what you are looking for by analyzing your fitness needs and budget. Here is a few pointers to look for so as to know which cross trainer best suits you.


The flywheel is responsible for the amount of resistance you will enjoy. The heavier the flywheel, the more the resistance and the costlier the cross trainer will be.

2.Stride length

Stride length is basically how much pressure you will be applying to your feet. Go for ones with adjustable stride length as this one will allow you to gradually improve your fitness goals as you go forth.


Not every cross trainer with a big price tag is the best cross trainer. Some may boost a grand brand name yet have bad features.

Ensure you analyze the features first before making a decision; from its tech features, flywheel, material of the build, design, resistance, stride length, etc.

4.On board console

This is basically the LCD screen that helps you keep track of your workout. Although most of the best cross trainers have this feature, the type of display and what is displayed varies greatly.


All cross trainers differ when it comes to the reistance level they offer. Ensure the range is wide enough for you to have room for growth and also that the variations are reasonable enough for you as a beginner.

Obviously, as a beginner, you cannot go for a cross trainer whose resistance starts at a high level yet you have never worked out as it will stress your muscles.

Frequently asked questions on cross trainers

1.What is resistance? This is the amount of pressure you will endure as you peddle. The more ressiatnce, the harder and smoother it will be to peddle.

2.Are all the best cross trainers costly? No, these days there are many affordable cross trainers that offer just as much functionality and performance as their counterparts with a higher price tag.

3.Is repairing a cross-trainer come at a great price? No, most of the cross trainers mentioned in this article are covered with a warranty when it comes to repairs. This is unless the warranty has run out and even so, spare parts are affordable.

Our #1 best cross trainer

If we had to choose the best cross trainer among the aforementioned, it will be the Sportstech premium crosstrainer for home use. It has everything you would want a cross trainer to have and more.

This cross trainer has a 2 in 1 7-inch display that keeps track of all your vitals- speed, time, distance, alories, heartrate, performance, and reistance. Also, it is equipped with the latest HRC technology with 6 sensory modes to choose from for a more accurate workout session.

Thanks to its  32-step magnetic brake system and 24 kilo flywheel, this machine makes absolutely no noise. No matter the magnetic resistance level you go with, you will still enjoy a smooth user experience from this cross trainer.

Anyone under the weight of 120 kilos can comfortably use this machine as they can choose between the 3 adjustable step lengths that range from  420mm, 460mm and 500mm. This cross trainer comes already integrated with the kinomap and official sportstech app that enable the user to access a bunch of preset workout videos among other features.

You get to enjoy your own music as you train since it comes fitted with a 32 Gb memory speaker and headphone connector. In short, there is little not to love about this machine hence why it is our ultimate best cross-trainer.

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