Best Folding Exercise Bikes - Reviews 2019 - 2020

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In as much as fitness is supposed to be a major key to a healthy lifestyle, it is so hard for the average human being in the current world to set aside enough time to achieve their desired fitness goals. Adding on to the high charges attached to a gym membership, many opt to forgo fitness as a whole.

However, that should not be the case as there are other options like getting a home exercise bike. Please take it as an investment because, in the long run, a home exercise bike is way cheaper than the gym membership you would have paid in one year.

Over time, the home gym equipment manufacturing industry has grown tremendously, with more brands joining to satisfy the growing consumer base. This makes it difficult for one to make an informed choice on which brand and model to go for as you are bound to be spoilt for choice.

Worry not as I have outlined the best folding exercise bikes currently available in the market. To compile my list, I took into account the value for money, build, design, compatibility, ease of use, and longevity.

Our best folding exercise bikes (2020 update)

1. Exerpeutic GOLD 525XLR Folding Recumbent Exercise Bike- Editor's choice

The biggest problem with home exercise bikes is that they tend to take up a lot of space that you probably do not have. That is why this Exerpeutic Gold bike is such a masterpiece. Despite being packed with all the performance and functionality of a big exercise bike, it can be folded and stored in a compact position until you want to use it.

The best part about it is that it comes in a beautiful gold color bound to get you hooked at first sight. The rest of the bike's build is designed to fully blend with modern decor hence further motivating you to work out.

If you thought the best selling Exerpeutic 400XL could not get better, you were wrong. This one comes with an increased maximum load of 181kgs. Impressive, right?

This increase is heavily attributed to the fact that this foldable exercise bike comprises 27% more stainless steel frame than its predecessor. The frame of this foldable exercise is very sturdy, can last you a lifetime yet still somehow remaining lightweight. As a whole, the machine is only 25 kilos making it very easy to carry around.

Depending on the intensity of the workout you are trying to achieve, you can choose any of the 8 resistance levels available. To be able to keep tabs of your progress, you can download an app by the Exerpeutic company and note how long you intend to take on each magnetic resistance level.

To make your work easier, it comes with a very large and easy to use LCD display that shows you the progress of your distance, calories burned, time, speed, Pulse, odometer, and Scan in real-time. This helps keep you on track as you workout and also helps you set goals for the next time.

As your comfort is paramount, this folding exercise is fitted with a large and heavily padded seat and backrest. they are both made to last and designed to fit people of all sizes and height. Also, the seat is adjustable so as to ensure you get to set it where you are most comfortable.

Thanks to the fact that it comes with a dual transmission flywheel, the user gets to enjoy a smooth session despite high resistance levels. This masterpiece is semi recumbent meaning you will get to enjoy a seamless experience when getting on and off the bike.

Lastly, as the name suggests, this foldable exercise bike can literally fold into twice its original size.

Pros of this exercise bike

  • This folding bike comes with a very large seat that can fit up to  5'2" to 6'5" and is also very heavily padded.
  • For its price, it is impressive that it allows a couple of resistance levels to choose from
  • This folding exercise bike is designed in a thoughtful shape and the color is strikingly beautiful
  • It is very easy to assemble and you will not need any additional tools

Cons of this exercise bike

  • It is not fitted with wheels to help you cart it from room to room
  • As per how it is designed, only people over 5 ft 4 can be comfortable using it


2.Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike

 This exerpeuitc folding magnetic exercise bike allow you to enjoy the benefits of a strenous cardio that will result in strong muscles without actually breaking the bank in the gym. One of the best aspects of this bike is the value for money as the build and performance is outstanding.

It comes in a simple yet classy charcoal and black color and since it only weighs 39 pounds, you can easily cart it round the house. The manoeverbility is made even easier thanks to the fact that it is shipped with transportation wheels included.

This bike is made to last if its sturdy and lightweight stainless steel frame is anything to go by. Anyone under the weight capacity of 300 lbs can comfortably use it and still be able to claim warranty if anything goes wrong.

Thanks to its recumbent design, the user can easily get on and off the bike no matter their size or weight. This further goes to improve the user experience and overall workout comfort which can be a big motivating factor.

Fully equipped with a large LCD display with the dimensions (3.3 W x 1.5 H inches / 8,4cm x 3,8cm) that makes it easy to read without putting effort. The display helps you keep track of your distance, calories burned, time, speed, scan and heart rate monitor- this way, you can ensure you smash all your fitness goals.

This folding exercise bike is fitted with a precision-balanced flywheel that is turned very quietly with a V belt drive. It is so quiet that someone could be reading a newspaper peacefully near you and not be distracted.

Let's not forget its 3 pieces 'high torque' cranking system that allows you to peddle seamlessly regardless of the level of resistance you choose. Speaking of resistance, you can choose the level of tension you want as it comes with an 8 level Magnetic resistance control system.

Pros of this exercise bike

  • The handlebars are fitted with heart rate sensors to give you more accurate results after monitoring your targeted heart rate zones
  • This folding exercise bike has the ability to fold to more than half its initial size hence easy to store and comes with wheels to make it easy to move around
  • It is designed with a very large and heavily padded seat that can sustain anybody for a long time without wear
  • Perfect for beginners as this folding exercise bike gives you control over the tension levels of resistance
  • Can easily support anyone below 136 kilos without wobbling and shaking while the workout is ongoing. All you have to do is make sure you place it on a flat surface
  • Is fitted with a large and easy to read LCD screen

Cons of this exercise

  • Despite what they say, it is not easy to assemble as the manual is hard to understand
  • To a professional, the magnetic resistance of this folding exercise bike is a bit too low

3.Hadwin F Bike Folding Exercise Bike 

Hadwin has mastered the art of convenience as they understand the needs of the current world. The quality, design and color of this folding bike screams class.

This Hadwin folding bike comes fitted with a detachable and adjustable desktop- this allows you the ability to study, catch up with emails or watch your favorite shows as you workout. The best part is, this folding exercise bike is very silent hence wont disrup you from concentrating on other things.

We loved the fact that it is very easy to fold as anyone can complete the task in mere seconds. When folded, this exercise bike is very easy to store as it can fit anywhere be it- a closet, a corner, or even under the bed.

Thanks to its wheels, you have the option of moving this 20 kilo foldable exercise bike to whatever room you want to workout in. Studies show that changing where you workout regularly translates to better fitness results as you will be more motivated.

Like all Hadwin foldable exercise bikes, this one was designed with the  X-type physical balance theory technique. This means you will have a safe and comfortable user experience. Also, you will not have to worry about the annoying vibration that is felt in budget exercise bikes.

As for your comfort, this foldable exercise bike has got you covered thanks to its heavily padded and wide cushioned seat. Also, you get a padded but detachable back rest and arm rests to reduce fatigue for those who like long workout sessions.

One of the best things about this folding exercise bike is that it comes with 8 resistance levels. You have the liberty of changing the levels as per the difficulty level you were targeting- the more the resistance, the harder it is to peddle. Also, since its 5 kilo flywheel is turned by a belt, your user experience is going to be nothing short of smooth.

Lastly, this foldable exercise bike comes with a large and easy to read LCD screen that displays your; exercise time, speed, distance, calories, and heart rate.

Pros of this exercise bike

  • It comes with a very large and easy to operate LCD screen that helps you keep better track of your workout
  • It is very reasonably priced as all the parts are of very good quality and the design is top-notch
  • iThis foldable exercise bike is fitted with a very quiet 3-piece crank system that makes it possible to enjoy other activities while you workout
  • You get a 7 function LCD display that even shows you the heart rate.

Cons of this exercise bike

  • Only comes with a 6 month warranty which is cause for alarm
  • Can only be used by consumers who are under 100 kilos hence eliminates a large portion of consumers

4.Fit4home ES-892 folding Exercise Bike 

You now do not have any excuse on why you cannot achieve the fitness goals you set on your new year resolutions as Fit4home ES-892 folding exercise bike is all you need. Great for anyone looking to build and strengthen their muscles, increase stamina among other fitness benefits.

Aside from its strurdy and well sculpted stainless steel frame that can hold anyone below 110 kilos, this folding exercise bike also comes with a cushioned and adjustable seat and backrest. You can be rest assured you will be very comfortable even for prolonged workout sessions.

This bike can be used with anyone whether they are professionals or amateurs as it has a whopping 8 levels of resistance to choose from and an outstanding magnetic resistance. As it is designed to be used as a home exercise bike, it is fitted with wheels to allow you to easily move it frm room to room.

Additionally, it folds to almost one third of its initial size making it one of the best folding exercise bike in the market.

Thanks to its large LCD display and heart rate sensor, you can easily tell the time, distance, speed, pulse and past figures. This helps you be accountable and seeing your progress helps you feel more motivated to do better.

So as to give you more precise predictions of your heart rate, this folding exercise bike has inbuilt pulse monitors located in the padded and comfortable handle bars. In an attempt to stand out from competition, you get free exercise bands which aid in improving upper body strength.

You do not have to worry about destroying your floors, or wonder whether the floors are going to get scratched when you work out as the stands and wheels are rubberized.

Pros of this exercise bikes

  • It is very affordable for the average consumer
  • Unlike other foldable exercise bikes, this one has a variety of options when it comes to levels of resistance.
  • It comes fitted with a large and easy to read lcd display that displays everything you need to keep tabs on your workout.
  • Only takes a few seconds to fold or unfold and it comes fitted with wheels for easier manoeverbility.

Cons of the product

  • The seat is covered with cheap looking polyester hence will need replacement often
  • It is a bit taxing to switch between levels of resistance as the knob is hard to turn
  • When compared to other foldable exercise bikes, the knobs

5.PLENY Folding Fitness Exercise Bike with Resistance Bands

As you would expect from a legendary brand like, Pleny, their new release is one of thee best folding exercise bikes to ever grace the home gym equipment industry. It comes in a striking red and black colour and the frame is covered with anti chip pain to ensure it stays looking new for a long time coming.

Designed with tall people in mind as anyone below 72 cm and 120 kilos can comfortably use it. The seat is not only adjustable, but also very heavily padded to ensure utmost comfort.

In order for you to be as stable as you possibly can while you workout, it comes with a detachable head rest; which is also very heavily padded. Aside from the grip enhanced handle bars that have an inbuilt heart rate sensor, this folding exercise bikes is shipped with free resistance bands that are bound to increase the resistance levels of your upper body.

Speaking of resistance, one of the reason this is among the best folding exercise bikes is that it comes equipped with the Brand-new 16 level magnetic resistance tension range. You will be able to slowly improve your fitness goals and resistance levels for a long time coming thanks to that wide range.

On the front of this machine, there is an lcd display that shows the distance, time, heart rate, pulse, ,etc. if you do not like staring at the lcd display, you have the option of using your laptop, tablet as this folding bike is fitted with a detachable and adjustable tablet holder.

Adding on to the fact that its flywheel is of the latest technology, you will still get to enjoy a seamless experience even when you use the machine at high magnetic resistance. So, if you were in the market for a low impact bike exercise your cardiovascular health, then this one is a great option.

Pros of this folding exercise bike

  • It is very easy to fold and unfold even for women
  • Comes equipped with a huge range of resistance levels to choose from
  • Is designed in such a way that a huge demographic of people of all sizes can comfortably use it
  • Is very affordable to a lot of the people

Cons of the product

  • Its seat is a little too hard despite being padded.

Important things to look out for when buying a folding exercise bike

Folding exercise bikes do not come cheap so its imperative you get value for your money. Since all the bikes in the market are built different and tend to satisfy different people differently, below are a few tips to help you find what works best for you;


If you are not well versed with tools, try going for the bikes that are almost fully assembled. You do not want to spend days or even weeks trying to figure out what goes where.


Just because you see bike with a very cheap price tag does not men you should buy it. Most of them have a very short lfespan and you are bound to be very uncomfortable.

Likewise, if a bike is expensive it does not automatically mean the quality is good.

3.Level of resistance

The more the level of resistance that is being offered , the more strenous the workout will be. Opt for the bike that comes with a huge number of resistance levels to choose from as now you will have options when training and room to improve.


The satisfaction and motivation level you drive from working out is heavily dependant on the level of comfort that your routine and equipment offer you. Ensure the handlebars feel comfortable on your hand, the seat is padded and it has a backrest for versatility.

Our #1 best folding exercise bike- Editor's choice

If we had to choose one among the aforementioned folding exercise bikes, it will have to be the exerpeutic gold 525xlr. It is not only very good to look at but it also comes packed with all the features you expect bikes exercise to have.

It was released as an improvement to the exerbeuent 400XL. This one comes with an extended weight capacity and it can comfortably hold anyone below 181 kilos. impressive, right? This is made possible with the fact that its frame is made of 27% more stainless steel than its predecessor.

The best part is, this bike still remains lightweight and can easily be folded to half its size. To make maneuverability easy on you, the bike is shipped with a front tire which makes moving it from room to room very effortlessly.

As for magnetic resistance, you get to enjoy a 8 level magnetic tension control System. This allows you room to start from where you are comfortable till your muscles are strong enough to withstand the highest magnetic resistance.

To help you keep track of your workout, you get a large Lcd display that shows you the  distance, calories burned, time, speed, Pulse, odometer and Scan. As comfort is paramount, both the seat and back rest are heavily padded and made wide enough for people of all sizes.

In short, there is very little not to love about this bike!

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