Best Folding Exercise Bikes - Reviews 2019 - 2020

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Top 5 Folding Exercise Bikes

Ultrasport Review - Our Number 1

ultrasport-foldable-exercise-bike-with-pulse-sensor-grips-300x300This Ultrasport foldable exercise bike is a lovely example of what can happen when design and function are both a priority. It has the sort of approachable, characterful appeal which makes lovers of all things Apple so unshakeable in devotion to their brand. And the curves serve a practical function too, helping the Ultrasport to tuck away even more compactly when folded.

Pulse sensors help promote a successful workout by keeping users apprised of the body’s responses in real time. A simple LCD screen also relays distance, speed, length of workout and those all important expended calories. Magnetic resistance makes transitions smooth and allows users to push themselves further towards their fitness goals by upping ride intensity.

  • Curvy design looks appealing and helps this model fold away compactly
  • 8 levels of magnetic resistance start users off gently but set the stamina bar high
  • Hand sensors monitor circulation to keep you pushing for optimum cardio results
  • Results are continuously displayed on the LCD monitor
  • Ergonomic saddle and backrest offer excellent support and aid positioning
  • The bike is easily and quickly assembled

The Ultrasport Foldable Exercise Bike is an unexpectedly stable and solid feeling machine. Not the first two adjectives which spring to mind when you think of a foldable bike. The addition of a back rest to the seat adds comfort and, crucially, support for users with lower stamina, older users and those using the bike to rehabilitate after injury. A workable choice for a cross section of users, making it a fantastic option for a family or mixed ability sharers.

Length: 95cm

Width: 45cm

Height: 121cm

(Folded measurements: 36cm x 45cm x 142cm)


Features: Optional backrest - Appealing design - Efficient computer - Magnetic resistance

Pricing: High end



Ultrasport F-Bike Review - Number 2

ultrasport-f-bike-home-trainerThis is the second Ultrasport product we’re looking at today yet aesthetically a beast of a very different kind. Dropping a bracket down the price list impacts form and function, much of the individuality of our previous model has been lost and the bike pared back to basics. But the basics are good. Users will enjoy the same security from this bike’s solid presence and the same balanced whole-body workout.

Users with vastly differing experience and needs may share and train on this bike because resistance and difficulty on each training programme can be adjusted at the touch of a button. While the 130kg maximum user weight is a generous and inclusive allowance. Training sessions can be completed at your own pace, making this a fine choice for those seeking to rebuild strength and stamina following an injury.

The F-Bike Work is not, however, as well suited to users with longer term fitness goals. Even at the highest resistance setting the challenge is limited. Perfectly adequate for anyone happy merely to hit and maintain it as a target but not appropriate for those of an athletic disposition who aspire to exceed. The bike’s seat also betrays its lower price tag. Becoming uncomfortable and off-putting over longer workout sessions. Compatible gel saddle covers can be retrofitted so be sure to factor in the additional expense if comfort is important to you!

  • The battery operated LCD display keeps users stat aware and moving to improve
  • 8 individually adjustable resistance levels allow multiple users to share the bike
  • 8 two-way ball bearings keep set up and take down hassle free
  • The space saving design is well suited to users with limited storage
  • Hand sensors constantly monitor your circulation
  • The moderate pitch of workouts is tailormade for beginners

Though less impressive than its high end peer, the Ultrasport F-Bike Work  is a solid starter bike. Its heavyweight design (at 18kg) makes it a little trickier to transfer - which may be a consideration for anyone recovering from injury - but it folds up very neatly and when standing is reassuringly solid. The movement of the belt is audible, though not hugely distracting, and assembly straightforward.

Length: 80.5cm

Width: 43.5cm

Height: 112cm

Folded measurements: 131cm x 43.5cm x 45cm


Features: 8 levels of resistance - Individually adjustable programmes - LCD display - Compact and simple to fold

Pricing: Mid range



Viavito Onyx Review - Number 3

viavito-onyx-folding-exercise-bike-black-300x300With its simple X-frame, red accents, cast iron flywheel and silent resistance, ther Viavito Onyx folding exercise bike appears to be a sporty little gem. Lightweight and easily folded it is a convenient and practical exercise solution for those who prefer not to display their workout equipment 24/7. Appearances can be deceptive for, belying its facade, this is far from a sportsperson’s machine. Though the magnetic resistance is smooth, and staggered across 8 levels, at only 1.2kg the flywheel does not create much of a challenge and experienced cyclists or users with intermediate to high fitness ought to look elsewhere for a bike to match their abilities.

  • The height adjustable and well padded saddle encourages longer workout sessions
  • Hand pulse sensors feedback on the LCD console so you may aim for optimum intensity
  • Time/speed/distance/calorie stats are clearly displayed to users
  • The 8 levels of magnetic resistance are friction free for a virtually silent ride
  • Self-presenting pedals ensure safe and correct foot positioning
  • The lightweight frame and flywheel make this effortless to transfer

Retaining some features of higher end models but without the range of difficulty, the Viavito Onyx folding exercise bike is a reliable and smart looking piece of kit for a first bike purchase or to replace an existing low-resistance bike. For a beginner or a user keen to gently increase their stamina, the great advantage of home exercising on a stationary bike is the ability to entirely personalise your workout. To play the songs which motivate you, catch up with the television shows backed up on your box, set the resistance to your own comfort level and pedal away at any pace you please. The attractive Viavito Onyx is a smashing bike to choose for these modest goals.

Length: 81cm

Width: 42cm

Height: 107cm

Folded measurements: 33cm x 41cm x 136cm


Features: Adjustable seat - LCD console - Self-presenting pedals - Lightweight frame

Pricing: Mid range


Folding Magnetic X-Frame Review - Number 4

folding-magnetic-exercise-bike-x-frame-fitness-cycle-211x300With another step down in price, we are now moving into the realm of the more traditional folding exercise cycle. Yet traditional needn’t equate with dull and the Folding Magnetic X-Frame Fitness Cycle reminds us of that fact in style. With a simple x-shaped tubular steel frame in jet black, red accents to the handlebars and belt cover and a multi-function exercise monitor mounted in clear sight users have everything they need to reap all the cardiovascular benefits of cycling at a very reasonable price.

  • All home assembly tools are included
  • The chip resistant powder coated finish to the frame will safeguard this bike’s good looks
  • Fully adjustable pedal straps and a padded saddle aid foot positioning and posture
  • Padded colour coded handle bars engage the upper body for to intensify the workout
  • This lightweight bike folds down and stores easily
  • The bike’s footprint is small enough to suit users with limited floorspace
  • The basic electronic monitor tracks stats and displays user progress clearly
  • Though lightweight the bike has good stability which is reassuring for less confident users

Here is another example of how user friendly a simple exercise bike can be. Combining the convenience of a fold down with the stability and attractive appearance of pro gym equipment the Folding Magnetic X-Frame is a solid choice for semi regular gentle to moderate cycling at a low resistance rate. Though lacking the back support of our pricier model above, it shares the comfort of ride experience so would be well suited for an older person looking to maintain their mobility and heart health.

Length: 80cm

Height: 108cm


Features: Electronic monitor - Easy fold down - Small footprint - Adjustable pedal straps

Pricing: Affordable



XS Sports Review - Number 5

xs-sports-magnetic-foldable-folding-exercise-bike-300x300If there was an exercise bike equivalent of plug in and play it would be get on and go. And this basic black x-frame cycle could be the poster bike for that phrase. Utterly and proudly workaday, The XS Sports is an unpretentious way to get a moderate workout, reap the toning and strengthening rewards of the biking motion, build stamina to a healthy level and get on with your life! It probably won’t wow visitors if they stumble across it in your home but that x-frame offers such quick storage that they really needn’t stumble at all.

  • The inclusion of a 1.6kg flywheel is unusual at this price bracket and offers better longevity
  • The newest model included straps to the pedals for good foot positioning and a secure ride
  • The adjustable seat is deep padded for comfort
  • A +/- dial adjusts resistance for increased intensity as endurance builds
  • Hand sensors relay pulse readings to keep users striving towards their personal best
  • The ABS body feels solid keeping users assured of this bike’s stability

The very epitome of an affordable exercise solution, the XS Sports Magnetic Foldable Exercise Bike is at the top of its class. The 1.6kg flywheel is a real bonus for a bike at the affordable end of the scale when so many competitors - and even machines a bracket above - peak at 1.2. The monitor is bog standard and any other mod cons conspicuous by their absence but not everyone wants to ride their way to fitness on the bike of the future. With better longevity by virtue of that flywheel, this is an intermediate or semi-regular user’s bike and one that will serve them well.

Length: 74cm

Width: 41cm

Height: 113cm


Features: Deep padded seat - Hand pulse sensors - 1.6kg flywheel - Adjustable resistance

Pricing: Affordable




It had us at curvy! Despite strong contenders from the lower end of the playing field, it is our high end bike which takes the prize today. The Ultrasport Foldable Exercise Bike with its jaunty colouring, distinctive frame, exemplary back support and 8 level magnetic resistance, wins. The clever folded position allowed by those curves was too cool to ignore. And, for a machine costing only a few notes more than its cheaper peers, it represented a wiser long term fitness investment.

There is a very simple explanation for the enduring popularity of the humble exercise bike: it really works. The cardiovascular activity you engage in when riding on an exercise bike has the potential to burn over 500 calories an hour. That’s not a statistic to be sniffed at. Particularly when you consider that the action of pedaling a stationary bike is so simple. As long as you have chosen the right bike for your body type and needs and are seated on the bike correctly, little to no stress will be put on your joints.

Because a biking movement is a hip and knee friendly motion, that can be taken at the user’s own pace, this is an activity that older or injured users can also safely enjoy. Intensity can be increased by simply pedaling faster. Weight loss and increased muscle toning achieved by adding in resistance and bursts of extra speed. Regular cardiovascular exercise can have an significant impact on cholesterol and blood pressure, in the longer term

Stationary cycling doesn’t solely tone the glutes, quads and lower body. When users utilise handlebars in their biking workout the upper body is engaged too. A stationary bike allows you to cover and gain the benefit of miles of road without moving an inch. You can set your own pace, define your own targets, enjoy your choice of entertainment and forget to check the weather forecast. If you have limited indoor space a folding exercise bike is the logical choice to make. Check the motorised treadmills here.

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