Best Coffee Bean Grinders - Reviews 2019 - 2020

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Top 3 Coffee Grinders

De’Longhi KG79 Review - Our Number 1

De’Longhi KG79 ReviewThis best-selling grinder does exactly what it says on the tin. And competently too. With comparatively little noise, when one considers how intrusive grinders can be, automatic shutoff and transparent storage for powder and beans it is a good solid choice for a coffee loving family.

  • 120g coffee bean capacity means you may produce anywhere up to a 12 cup supply
  • Wheel grinding system avoids overheating and preserves aroma
  • The removable powder container allows for easy transport, cleaning and storage
  • An automatic safety device will shut off grinding wheels if the ground coffee or bean container are removed making this a family safe option
  • A fineness selector allows a grind for all tastes
  • The transparent bean container and top lid help keep track of bean consumption

The De’Longhi name has a certain cachet and a reputation as a brand one can trust. The De’Longhi KG79’s modern aesthetic, user friendly appeal and professional burr grinder reaffirm that notion. This is a well priced well thought out machine.


Features: Wheel grinding system - 120g capacity - Fineness selector - Safety device

Pricing: Mid range



VonShef Review - Number 2

VonShef ReviewDo you remember we mentioned the flavour protecting, sound reducing, all around greatness of a coffee grinder with a conical burr? Meet the VonShef Premium!

  • 18 settings on the grind adjuster offer a spectrum of options from coarse to superfine
  • A cup selection dial allows users to define quantity ground from 4-16 cups
  • The powerful 150 watt motor and burr grinder maximise flavour and aroma
  • A robust brushed stainless steel body gives this grinder a contemporary edge
  • Coffee scoop and free cleaning brush included
  • Free extended 2 year warranty (registration required) for peace of mind

This attractive brushed steel grinder is lovely inside as well as out. VonShef have really understood the priorities of a true coffee lover and conceived this machine accordingly. The conical burr grinder action takes its time to crush that flavour free, allowing you to savour the aroma of the crumbling beans and anticipate the delicious cup of joe they will soon become.


Features: Brushed steel body - 18 setting grind adjuster - Cup selection - 150 watt motor

Pricing: Mid range



Bodium Bistro Review - Number 3

Bodium Bistro ReviewThe Bodium Bistro electric coffee grinder relies upon blades to cut the beans up into coarse chunks and then pulverise those chunks into a grind texture of your choosing. A transparent lid allows users to supervise this process and the push button operation meant that they literally have the grind at their fingertips. Two styles of pulse settings allow for a tailormade coffee grain.

  • 60g coffee bean capacity for lighter use
  • Stainless steel cutting blade
  • Push button operation so users may define the length of grind
  • The transparent lid allows you to monitor the transition from coarse to fine
  • Both pulse action and continuous grind settings let users experiment with consistency
  • Convenient cord storage in base is a space saving bonus

The aforementioned reliance on blades raises a big red flag for this machine. As discussed, the abrasive cutting action and effect of heat upon the beans make for really bad coffee. Which is a pity because this is a funky little gadget. Still...back to the drawing board you go, Bodium!


Features: 60g capacity - Push button grind control - User defined grind - Stainless steel cutting blade - Pulse or continuous grind settings

Pricing: Affordable




The De’Longhi KG79 justifiably turned our heads for a moment but ultimately, when it comes to coffee grind, it’s all about that cone! The VonShef Premium Burr Coffee Grinder is the machine which will treat your favourite beans with the reverence they deserve.


It is a truth universally acknowledged, that if you want good coffee you need good beans. But when you’re trying to reproduce the bespoke barista coffee experience in your own kitchen things can become a bit more complicated. For there’s little use in sourcing the world’s best beans if you end up wondering how in the world you’re going to grind them!

If you have previously bought coffee pre-ground you will have noticed that the ground coffee - no matter the quality of the whole bean - begins to diminish on flavour after a few days. This is where the first advantage of a grinder comes into play: you may grind small, fresh, quantities every day.

The next advantage is in the funding of your purchase. It may feel like extravagance to pay out for a machine to crunch your coffee beans but (unlike the element of personal indulgence inherent in buying a high end milk frother or specialist coffee machine) quantity discounts on coffee beans mean that over time the cost would likely be recouped.

In truth, going for a more modest grinder can actually be a false economy. If, for instance, you are an espresso drinker, only the refined engineering of a higher end machine will give you the fine, uniform result required. Many bargain options use grind methods which wreak havoc on beans.

The lowest budget options you will see for sale rely on a blade for its ‘grind’. A blade grinder smashes and cuts up beans as it moves, for an uneven finish. The intensity of the grinding process heats up the blades which , in turn, scorch and spoil the coffee. Burr grinders are a far better choice, working by crushing rather than cutting the coffee beans. The beans are not heated up with this method so flavour is retained and the grind more uniformly sized.

Conical burrs are preferable because they work by gently crushing the beans, moving slowly and evenly to retain flavour in the grinds. Wheel burrs make more noise as they move faster to achieve a grind. They do not treat the coffee beans as tenderly as a conical burr but they will make the grinder cheaper so do weigh up your priorities before purchase. Ideally burrs will be stainless steel or ceramic for a good result and reliable machine.

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